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Personally, I believe knowledge is power and that the right information at the right time can work wonders. In that spirit I have assembled a variety of resources on this page that my clients have found beneficial. Some of these links point to external resources; others, as noted, are original works I’ve developed myself. I hope you too will find these resources helpful.

Please note that these resources are provided here in good faith for informational purposes only. While I have attempted to make the information in this and associated documents as accurate as possible, I do not assume any legal liability or responsibility for their accuracy, completeness or usefulness.


Addressing Anxiety

The document Addressing Anxiety is an overview of the different types of anxiety and my approaches to treatment. It will give you a place to start in understanding what is going on and what to expect from treatment. You may also view it online.

Panic Attack Record

The Panic Attack Record is a tool that I frequently use in therapy. I have posted it here for my current clients to download and use as needed.


Dealing with Depression

The document Dealing with Depression is an overview of how I think about Depression, how I work to break this overwhelming experience into manageable components, and how we can work together to relieve the symptoms. You may also view it online.

Sleeping Disorders

Ten Steps to Better Sleep

So many of us have problems getting a good night’s rest. We are innundated with ads offering quick fixes for the problem. Here are some tips for behavior changes that will not cost you a dime and that often lead to better sleep. These tips are often referred to as “Sleep Hygiene.” You can view it online or download the document.