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From phobias to panic attacks to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to just feeling anxious every day, people experience anxiety in many forms.

There are a lot of reasons that people experience anxiety. Once people have an episode of anxiety, they do not want to feel anxious again so they will avoid anything that might trigger the feeling. Unfortunately, that often makes the anxiety worse and people end up more anxious about more things.

My treatment looks at the thoughts and behaviors that maintain and intensify the anxiety. Starting with relatively manageable anxieties and working up to more frightening situations, my clients learn about the nature of anxiety, learn to face their fears, and watch their fears fade away. During treatment they learn techniques such as exposure, decatastrophisizing, time management, and contingency planning. Within a few months, clients often find their fears greatly reduced (no one is fearless). It is personally gratifying when I hear how their fears have stayed away.

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