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Eating Disorders

We are taught from an early age to gain comfort through food. When children cry, parents often give them food or a pacifier. Children learn to use this to help them soothe themselves. As adults, we continue the same patterns, using food or lack of food as a means of controlling problems that are unrelated to food. At the same time we receive a lot of messages about eating and weight, so the very thing that we are taught to use becomes a source for others to judge us. Then we start to judge ourselves. That judgment leads to even more dysfunction around eating. What started out as a choice becomes a habit and then becomes seemingly unstoppable.

The goal of therapy is to help you take back true control of your life. Time is taken to determine the probable causes or triggers for the problem. This information can be used to help disentangle the present from the past. We will work together to find new ways of taking care of yourself without having to turn to food. We will also look at the other thoughts and behaviors that are perpetuating the problem. Clients often find that what they were avoiding wasn’t so bad in the first place. Others need to come to closure about past incidents. Therapy is tailored to your needs as an individual.

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